Aerial View of Wallingford

Here’s a view of Wallingford, looking west-southwest, with Greenlake Way running center-to-bottom and Aurora running left-to-right.

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Traffic Circle Plan

Here’s a plan for working on the Traffic Circle.



Weed the traffic circle. (ONGOING)

Add dirt/compost as needed (ONGOING)

THIS is a link to the SDOT “approved” plants.

Water the plants as needed (ONGOING)Maintain the traffic circle periodically/as needed.

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Traffic Circle Project



Weeding Completed

The traffic circle at the intersection of Whitman Ave and N47th St could use some TLC.  I contacted the city of Seattle’s Urban Forestry department (UFD) to see if there was any funding for this type of project; I also thought that the city would provide the plants for free if the residents were willing to provide the labor.

HERE’S a link to the SDOT information on traffic circles.

Update:  I was contacted via email by the UFD.  Regarding “adopting” the traffic circle:  “Unfortunately we do not have the budget to supply plant material for abandoned traffic circles this year.  We have been able to in the past, and I hope that gets restored soon, but it looks like it might be some time before that happens.  Another option may be to contact the Department of Neighborhoods about their “small sparks” matching fund grant.  Info here:  I have seen a lot of groups get funded for traffic circles through this program.”

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Hello Wallingford!

OK- it’s not really a triangle shape, but this will have to do…

I’ve started this blog as a way to bring together our neighborhood in Wallingford.

Our little corner of Seattle is bordered by Aurora Avenue, Greenlake Way N, Woodland Park Avenue N, and North 50th Street.

Stay tuned for upcoming events, such as a neighborhood BBQ and a Traffic Circle Gardening party.

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